Frontier Nursing University Awards $207,455 in Scholarships
to 77 Students in Fall 2014

Congratulations to all 29 of our SDS Recipients! See what a few of these recipients said about receiving the scholarship:

“I can’t begin to tell you how grateful and humbled I am to receive this scholarship. Thank you so very much for this financial support and the wonderful education you are providing me at Frontier. I am so excited to know that I will be able to complete my dream of becoming a nurse-midwife!” -Rebekah Ellinger

“This scholarship means the world to me and my family. The financial burden has been lifted significantly and will allow me to focus on my studies and help me be a successful student. I am truly thankful for being chosen as a SDS scholarship recipient.” - Jennifer Scholz

“This is such a blessing! Thank you for helping me help the health of babies and families.” - Jeanelle Martinez

Congratulations to our 8 AENT Recipients!

Kathryn Armstrong, Jennifer Baxter, Jenna Callahan, Jeanie Doom, Tracey Hedrick-Hamilton, Christina Kilby, Megan Lewis, Heather Lytle

Frontier Nursing University (FNU) awarded $207,455 in scholarships to 77 current students during the fall 2014 term. The scholarships awarded include the Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students and the Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship, both supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration, as well as internal scholarships provided directly by the University scholarship fund.

FNU awarded a total of $122,155 in scholarships through the Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students Program (SDS) for the fall 2014 term. Twenty-nine students received SDS funding to help cover program costs, and these same students will receive funding for the upcoming winter and spring 2015 terms. The SDS Program was developed by the Health Resources and Services Administration with the purpose of increasing diversity in the health professions and nursing workforce by providing grants to eligible health professions and nursing schools for use in awarding scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

FNU awarded a total of $20,000 in traineeships in fall 2014 through funding provided by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship (AENT) program. Eight students who plan to practice in rural and/or medically undeserved communities received $2500 each to help pay all or part of the costs of the tuition, books and fees of the program. The traineeship scholarship was first made available to students who attended a Clinical Bound session in the fall 2014 term. The purpose of the AENT Program is to increase the number of advanced education nurses trained to practice as primary care providers and/or nursing faculty to address the nurse faculty shortage that inhibits nursing schools from educating the number of nurses needed to meet demand. The AENT program will allow FNU to award scholarships to 280 students over a two-year time period.

FNU also awarded an additional $65,300 in internal University scholarships for the fall 2014 term through funding provided by private university fundraising efforts. These scholarships were awarded to forty students.

“The University’s mission is to educate nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners to provide primary care to women and families, so we are thrilled to be able to not only offer affordable tuition but also a variety of scholarships to help alleviate the financial burden of obtaining graduate education,” says FNU President Dr. Susan Stone. The result of offering scholarships is so rewarding to the University. As one SDS recipient Jennifer Scholz shared, “The financial burden has been lifted significantly and will allow me to focus on my studies and help me be a successful student.

Congratulations to the 40 FNU Scholarship Recipients!:

• Rachel Adair • Hawa Al-Hassan • Kathryn Armstrong • Barbara Baker
• Tamsin Blanchard • Linda Botts • Jessica Bridgeford • Caroline Byrd
• Karlou Cartwright • Amanda Christensen • Rebecca Cowen • Rebecca Cox
• Heather Duffey • Ngoc Duran • Lashaan Everett • Megan FitzMaurice
• Martha Hanna • Tracey Hedrick-Hamilton • April Horner • Tiffany Jorgensen
• Holly Lawson • Brandi Lehning • Lana Little • Heather Lytle
• Amy McLean • Maria Medina • Danielle Nazarenko • Renee O'Neill
• Jane Pomranky • Lori Price • Tracy Richman • Allison Scholl
• Carissa St. Onge Carneiro • Jennifer Steir • Cyrstal Stewart • Shawn Walker
• Linda Wenger • Rachel Wieberg • Danielle Wiesner • Shannon Witt

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