The ACNM 60th Annual Meeting and Exhibition was held in National Harbor, MD with several thousand attendees. Frontier Nursing University faculty, staff, alumni, students, and preceptors attended the conference and well represented the University in everything from posters to education session presentations to awards.

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FNU Exhibit Booth

The FNU exhibit booth was the place to be! Our booth was constantly busy because of the faculty, PRIDE students, and many students and alumni that volunteered their time. There were several attendees that stopped by to get more information on our Post-Master's DNP program as well as to get their FNU bling to represent our new #1 Midwifery Program ranking! Not to mention, we had 30 people sign up to be FNU preceptors! Our booth also had a gift shop to sell our new FNU t-shirts, stuffed horses, baby onesies, baby bibs, lapel pins, and our sterling silver pendant. We have received a lot of feedback in hope that our online gift shop will be available soon so many people can start purchasing bulk items!

PRIDE Student Essay Winners

Two FNU PRIDE students attended the ACNM Annual Meeting with all expenses covered, for their winning essays in the PRIDE Ambassador Essay Contest. The two PRIDE student ambassadors were Toni Conard and Gertrude Gomez. They helped at the FNU exhibit booth and the sign in table at the reception. They also attended many education sessions, lobby day, and the Midwives of Color Committee (MOCC) reception.

Annual FNU Reception

The FNU annual reception was well attended with more than 200 guests! FNU President Dr. Susan Stone and Dean of Nursing Dr. Julie Marfell gave updates on current happenings at FNU while Director of Development Denise Barrett and Associate Director of Development Angela Bailey spoke to the crowd about campaigns for the new Kitty Ernst Chair of Midwifery and Alumni fundraisers. All of the preceptors that attended the reception were given a gift from our Associate Dean of Midwifery, Tonya Nicholson. Closing the reception was FNU Mary Breckinridge Chair Kitty Ernst who gave a motivational speech to attendees.

Our reception was a kickoff for the Kitty Ernst Chair of Midwifery Fundraiser. All reception attendees at our reception enjoyed a beautiful tribute video for the fundraiser while they had an opportunity to donate if they pleased. We raised nearly $30,000 in donations at ACNM! Donors of $1,000 or more received a beautiful pin with an image of Kitty.

You can view the tribute video here.

Click here to view more photos of the reception!

Dr. Stone and Dr. Nicholson pinning donors for the Kitty Ernst Chair of Midwifery Fundraiser

Kudos to FNU Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Students!

Honors and Awards

Sherilynn Gibbs is one of our DNP students.
She won the W. Newton Long Award at ACNM.

Faculty Honors and Awards

Tanya Tanner- Excellence in Teaching Award
Laura Manns-James- March of Dimes Graduate Scholarship
Julie Marfell- Best Book of the Year Award for her book, "Prenatal and Postnatal Care: A Woman-Centered Approach"
Maria Valentin-Welch- Sandy Woods Scholarship for Advanced Study


Maria Valentin-Welch- "Changing the face of Midwifery: Ethnic Diversity/Mentoring"
Janelle Komorowski- "Natural Treatments in Pregnancy and Childbirth: Physiologic Support or Unnecessary Intervention?"
Tanya Tanner- "ACNM Document update: Using ACNM documents in Your Practice"
Diana Jolles- "Best Practices in Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement and ACNM"
Penny Wortman- "Changing the Culture: Improving Nursing Practice to Support Women Who Desire Unmedicated birth"
Heather Clarke- "Mind Body Preconception Education: A Promising Practice to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Perinatal Health Disparity"
Tonya Nicholson- "Table Talk- Civility in Nursing Education" ACNM Exam Prep Workshop
Deborah Karsnitz- "Promoting Safe Health Care for Every Women through Safety Bundles"

Poster Presentations

Judy Butler- "Re-energized Centering Pregnancy at a Southwestern Birth Center"
Victoria Baker- "Preventing Low Birth Weight: Starting Earlier"

New ACNM Fellowship

Tanya Tanner
Diana Jolles
Heather Clarke
Michelle Munroe

If you would like to view the webpage, "Announcing the new 2015 ACNM Fellows Inductees" Click Here

Other News

FNU graduates arrived at the FNU reception in full "Call the Midwife" dress to honor the hit PBS show and the work midwives have done for decades.

Our very own Kitty Ernst made quite the impact at the ACNM Awards Dinner, she had attendees lined up all night just so they could have a second with her!

All ACNM attendees had the wonderful opportunity to watch the video created by FNU alumni and certified nurse midwife Kendra Adkisson to kickoff the annual meeting. Watch it here!