FNU Faculty, alumni, students, staff, and preceptors along with over 3500 other nurses traveled to Long Beach, CA for the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN). The conference was held from June 13-17th at the Long Beach Convention Center.

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FNU Exhibit Booth

Frontier was an AIM (AWHONN Industry Member) Partner for the fourth year in a row. We were one of the limited number of AIM member exhibitors so we had a significant advantage over others. Many attendees stopped by our booth just for a stamp on their scavenger hunt but we were able to teach them more about FNU and the competitive programs we offer!

Many attendees that stopped by our booth told us how much they loved our promotional products. Everyone absolutely loved our new baby in the saddlebag microfiber cloths along with our "Pioneers of Healthcare" rulers. We also had a high volume of people stop and enter to win our "nurse survival kit".

Our "Nurse Survival Kit" winner Missy S.

Other Conference News

During the conference, we received 82 total inquiries at our exhibit booth. Most attendees were interested in the MSN or DNP and our nurse-midwifery specialty. We were pleasantly surprised by how many attendees were already familiar with FNU. A very large number either had a colleague that graduated from FNU, precepted one of our students or knew someone currently attending FNU. We even had a few stop by that had recently applied to our programs.

Many of the attendees that came by our booth had completed their bachelor's or master's degrees and were looking to become a nurse-midwife. There were also a few doctoral attendees that wanted to add nurse-midwifery as a specialty. Overall, we enjoyed meeting a lot of prospective students who were very excited to apply for Frontier Nursing University, mainly because of our nurse-midwifery program!

Marissa Callender, FNU Student Nurse-Midwife, Class 131 stopped by our booth at AWHONN